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  • Since 2012, BruidBeeld has been making wedding films that are emotional, sincere, elegant and timeless.

    We believe in the power of simplicity. No fuss, nothing that distracts from what really matters: Your love for each other, love for friends, family and all that a wedding day brings. We always want to stay close to the essence of your day. We (Christa and Carlos) carelessly blend in between your guests. We make sure everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera. Your day is filled with moments and it's up to us as wedding videographers to capture these moments in all their beauty.

    The result: A unique, outspoken and above all beautiful wedding film from BruidBeeld. In short:

    Take a look and let yourself be inspired by our wedding films.


    Christa & Carlos

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BruidBeeld 10 year anniversary

Since 2012 we have been making beatiful, energetic, emotional and heartfelt wedding films.

Our wedding films can stand the test of time and unique enough to create a strong authentic story.

10 years have flown by!


Jade & David
Hargimont, Belgium


A voice filled the room.

Christa glansed at me with a look of "WOW what a voice!".

It soon became apparent that not only the voice was fantastic, but also the content. Immediately it became clear, this will be the foundation of the wedding film.


Lake Como, Italy

What a way to start the wedding season. Elise & Ruben were getting married abroad and we were invited as their wedding videographer to go to the beautiful Lago di Como to make a wedding film for them.


Sharon & Birger
Chateau Varennes, France

"BruidBeeld is FANTASTIC.
They are professional and yet very down to earth and fun to hang with. They made us feel completely at ease. Christa and Carlos are very easy-going, they give themselves 200% to perfectly capture your most beautiful day. We are extremely happy with our wedding film and therefore recommend BruidBeeld as your wedding videographer!"


Eline & Nick
Algarve, Portugal

"Our planner suggested a few top notch wedding videographers. We instantly loved your work and the meeting with you guys was wonderful, we clicked.

And the wedding film was fantastic, it was so typical us! The tranquility of the location, the party on the boat, the intimate ceremony. Everything is included! Top! BTW our guests are also fans of you guys.



Antwepen, Belgium

Sometimes everything coincides.
You have a amazing couple
A fantastic planner (La Sensa)
And you are teamed up with the most talented photographer you can wish for. (Yves Schepers)
At that point the wedding film can only be beautiful!


Antwerpen, Belgium

"You guys are awesome ! You’ve no idea how many times I’ve watched it... and it hits me every time. Thank you so much, you rock!"



    Wedding videographer Amsterdam

  • The nice thing about film is that there are endless possibilities and we have a fairly wide range of different types of wedding films.
    And before we dive in to these options. Don’t worry, afterwards you can always opt for the other types of wedding films. After your day, anything is still possible, because we actually capture everything on film.
    We therefore do not work on the basis of hours, you simply have us with you all day, whichever type of wedding film you choose. From getting ready in the morning to the start of the party. We will always film your day together.

    All prices include travel costs within Belgium and the Netherlands.

    And yes… we are happy to travel with you to the most idyllic destinations for your wedding abroad.

    Read more about the options we offer below.


It all starts with a Highlight Film. The basis of every package. The Highlight film, a wedding film of approximately 4 minutes, is one full of stunning compositions, vibrant colors, a beautiful story, sincere and above all timeless. Every film must portray real emotion. It must be sincere, and in our view that can only be done by maintaining a certain simplicity. We have to connect with you and not be busy with. We want to film you, just as the two of you are. Loving, energetic, cheerful, intimate and above all beautifully filmed. Besides the highlight film we offer:


The Trailer, think of it as a short wedding film of approximately 90 seconds. An explosion of emotion, beauty and love. This intense representation of your wedding day is perfect for those who like short concise stories, the real Bride Image enthusiasts and those who would like to enjoy the afterglow of the big day the day after the wedding. Due to the fast delivery, the Trailer is also perfect to use as a special thank you to your guests.


The Docu Edit is a long wedding film of approximately 20 minutes. Rawer in character than the Highlight Film and Trailer. Where the Highlight film contains the biggest highlights, the Docu Edit offers space for the "smaller" and above all more intimate moments. Each moment gets its own place and more importantly, time, within this film. This makes this wedding film extra intimate and it is really a document that will bring you back to this special day in your life.

Besides these 3 most booked products we also offer:

After Dinner Film:
a montage of approximately 2 minutes, ready for display before the start of the party.

Separate edits of all speeches during your wedding.

Filming an extra day:
Perfect for a rehearsal dinner, a civil wedding, a relaxing get-together the day before the destination wedding or for excursions around your wedding abroad or in the Netherlands.

Express Delivery:
The possibility to deliver your films within 5 working days!

Maak jullie bruiloft écht onvergetelijk met een eigenzinnige en tijdloze trouwfilm.

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